Electricity distribution

Switching electric box deepened 60x60

Electrical switchgear building

Electrical switchgear building

Electrical switchgear building

LZU 7+6 rail

Distribution Stage - small

IP-55 box with rubber gasket

Radiator-pipe hangers.

Emergency and starting-up set in the housing IP-65.

Dimensions 190mm x 145mm x 70mm

Under current law on the protection against electric shock, all devices must necessarily have this type of safety devices in the form of "STOP" buttons.

Kit is ready for connection from the network to the machine. Simply connect the power supply to the terminal and the machine at the contactor terminals.

How it works:
In the event of failure of an electrical device using the "STOP" button; when you press it, power supply is automatically cut off from the device.

Emergency kit is equipped with:
16A three-phase contactor with 220V coil.
Control buttons: green start, red stop with lock (to unlock, turn the button right)
On the housing is Mennekes single phase socket is mounted.
Two chokes for PG16 wires

The kit does not include thermal protection, it is adapted to the devices which have internal safeguards.

We can fit it with the thermal protection for an additional charge.

starter kit

starter kit




Switching stations

MAX stage switching station

Portable-stationary switching station


3-phase splitter




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