Electricity distribution

Switching electric box deepened 60x60

Electrical switchgear building

Electrical switchgear building

Electrical switchgear building

LZU 7+6 rail

Distribution Stage - small

IP-55 box with rubber gasket

OUT OFFER - Tracks - zero current bridges 160A
Buses - neutral current bridge 160A

Neutral current buses on 1kV insulators made of flat bar 12x5 mm.
Equipped with special pressure washers, under which one can connect four wires of 10 mm2 or ring terminals to 160A.
The photo shows the 13-track bus. We can manufacture a bus with any length and any number of tracks.
A particular application has gained in the construction of cabinets with a higher received current. The 13-track bus shown may distribute the 52 lines of 10mm2
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